Avera by CEC

About Avera Digital
Avera Digital was founded by IT industry experts and gurus in Orange County, California during the early 2000’s. Since our establishment, we have successfully launched portable televisions, portable DVD players, MP3 music players, and touch-screen handheld devices. In 2015, Avera Digital proudly joined with China Electronics Corporation(CEC), an international conglomerate in the information industry, in order to offer innovative electronic and IT products with the latest technology. Through this partnership, we will expand our product line for years to come.
Our manufacturing and R&D facilities are widespread throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. Our products are developed by a team of the most talented, imaginative, and driven people in the world.
CEC is one of the largest IT enterprises in the world. It controls 37 second-level subsidiaries and 16 listed holding companies. CEC’s first company was established in the 1950’s. Now, there are over 130,000 employees at CEC. It provides products and services for the IT sector that cover fields such as: new displays, information security, IC & components, defense electronics, and information services.
By the end of 2017, CEC had total assets around USD 40 billion and business income around USD 32 billion. In 2017, CEC was listed in the Fortune Global 500 for the fifth consecutive year with the ranking of 362.
CEC has the capacity to supply products and services for the electronic IT sector with competitive advantages as it is a global leader in supplying LCD products with the most complete LCD industrial chain in the world. The LCD monitor and LCD TV production currently ranks No.1 and No. 3 respectively in the global market.
CEC is a leading supplier of computer software, hardware, and information security services. It has an independent software industry chain that creates operating systems, middleware, databases, security products, and application systems. It also operates full life-cycle service systems of information security including but not limited to: security consulting, system integration, and security operation.
CEC is ultimately a total-solution supplier of integrated circuit components, smart cards, and UKEY chips. It is equipped with a complete industry chain of integrated circuit-covering design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, EDA tools, and process technology. It is also known as an electronic products trader, a reputable ENR225 international engineering contractor, a constructor and operator of high-tech industrial parks, along as a financial innovation platform of the information industry.
CEC has three levels of R&D institutions: its global engineering technology center, its group professional technology institute, and its enterprise technology center.
We at CEC have committed to taking global stance on corporate social responsibility. We strive to build a brand image as an international social civilian by promoting a coordinated development of local economies, societies and environments. CEC will continue to spread its influence and help contribute to the growth of a healthy global economy and progressive social development.