CEC strives in the layout of strategic industries. In the fields of new energy power battery, green lighting, mobile internet, cloud computing, broadband communication and internet of things, CEC develops all-round joint venture cooperation with superior enterprises at home and abroad to improve the capabilities of independent Research and development and industrialization and find out a new profit growth point. In addition, CEC is working towards building up the largest scale LED research and Development and manufacturing base in the country. In the solar cell field, it takes solar inverting and controlling as a breakthrough to win the advantage of development. In new energy and material field, it sets up the new energy power battery institute on demand of pure electric vehicles for power battery and takes efforts to improve the new material manufacturing capability of lithium ion battery up to the international leading level. 

A vertically integrated strategy is followed to build an advanced LCD Industrial Chain. CEC holds its own core technology in the field of semiconductor and electronic components. Controlling a complete IC industrial chain covering IC design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and application.  CEC is considered a leader in production lines for substrate and HDD products.

Recognized as the largest computer manufacturer and key supplier of computer parts in China. CEC formed a complete software platform for government and industry informationization. Aside from its impressive platform, CEC is equipped with first class software engineers and national-level software parks.