4K is one of this year’s most popular trends for TVs, followed by Ultra High Definition, OLED, High Dynamic Range and Curved TVs. These trends have one thing in common. Their technologies were made to bring a clearer picture to TV screens.

Customers demand a better picture quality in their televisions. They want it to look as close to real life as possible. Luckily, 4K TV technology has become more mainstream and affordable since it was first introduced to the market within the last few years.

Most of the 4K TVs and UHD TVs on the market today offer a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. This is four times the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution of Full HD TVs that were extremely popular several years ago. 4K simply refers the 4,000 or so pixels of the image width.

4K TVs are able to yield such clear pictures through their thousands of rows and columns of pixels. The pixel density of 4K TVs also allows images to stay clear even when up close compared to older TVs’ pictures that break down and allow pixels to be seen when approached. In short, more pixels give more detail.

High Dynamic Range takes 4K TVs pixel density one step further by adding quality to 4K TV pixels. HDR technology improves the contrast and picture clarity of the 4K resolution. There is also greater detail in highlights and shadows to deliver a realistic picture.

Local dimming technology improves color. With this technology, the backlights of the TV dim to display darker colors on to the screen and allow more light to come through for bright colors and purer whites. This technology is complemented by Avera Digital’s ultra detailed color expression for a wider color spectrum. The result is a vibrant and detailed display.

The Equinox TV series is available in 40”, 49”, 50”, 55” and 65” and can be purchased online from Amazon, Fry’s Electronics, Walmart and Newegg.

For more information on the Equinox series, visit http://averadigital.com/products/televisions/equinox-series/.

The press release on the Equinox series was published on PR.com on October 25, 2016. Visit http://www.pr.com/press-release/692533 to read the full press release.