Avera, a brand founded by experienced experts and industry gurus in Orange County California in early 2000’s announced the launch of a new TV line with China Electronics Corporation, international conglomerate in the information industry. To begin, Avera will offer LED televisions with the latest technology and expand its product line in the years to come.

Avera has successfully launched portable televisions, portable DVD players, MP3 music players, and touch screen hand held devices, since its establishment. CEC has no doubt Avera will be able to live up to its expectations in delivering exceptional products.

China Electronics Corporation (CEC) is one of the largest IT enterprises in the world. CEC controls a hundred subsidiaries and listed holding companies. It provides electronic information technology, products and services, which covers fields such as new display, information security, IC & components, defense electronics and information services.

“We service consumers with quality, innovative, trendy and technological cutting edge electronic products. We will grow Avera in the Americas and worldwide” said Avera’s senior VP, Hugh Yu. In line with this, Avera will take consumer electronics, IT products and technology trends into account when developing future products.

Avera Televisions provide CEC’s latest OptiTrum color enhancing and mapping technology and color processing. They enhance and optimize colors finely and accurately in real time and manage color perfectly for rich, natural results. Avera’s customers will enjoy a wider color spectrum, fuller colors and a hundred million display colors.

In addition, Avera Tv’s offer Accelera+ Picture Engine Driven High Effective Motion Rate. Which allow customers to enjoy their favorite shows in faster picture engine processing speed for a smoother, quicker and clearer moving picture resolution. Avera’s technology improves fast-moving content with clarity and reduced motion blur.

“Avera by CEC will be a leader and will earn top brand recognition. Come join us into the year 2020 and into the 21st century,” stated by Chief Executive Advisor, Peter Calderon who comes from a very successful lineage of companies, start-ups and revivals from the 1980s.

Avera will focus its efforts in providing LED Televisions, various consumer electronics and IT products through avenues such as mass merchants, distributors, retailers, and e-commerce stores in the US. Avera by CEC utilizes the latest technologies to produce unique and affordable products in the highest quality, delivered to the Americas and markets worldwide.

For more information on Avera TVs please visit www.averadigital.com.

About China America Electronics Corporation, LTD.
CEC’s first company was established in the 1950s. There are over 130,000 employees at CEC. The company currently ranks as 366 on the Fortune Global 500 companies list. CEC has partnered with leading global companies, some of which include IBM, HP and Sharp etc. Its trade portfolio covers the complete scope of electronics and information products, including various communication equipment, home appliance, and electronic components. Its business reaches over 100 countries and regions in the world.

For more information on CEC please visit www.cec.com.cn.