How to Get the Most Out of Your Avera 4K UHD TV

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You have an Avera 4K UHD TV, but want to take it to a new level. Here's how to maximize your Avera 4K UHD TV's entertainment potential.  

The 2017 Equinox Series: Avera’s New and Improved 4K UHD TV Series

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The Avera 2017 Equinox 4K UHD TV series delivers a crystal clear 4K UHD picture in a slim and modern design. Equipped with a new and improved multi-core processor, Avera’s Automatic Pixel Adjustment technology and Dolby Audio, customers are sure to have the best entertainment experience every time.  

4K TVs: New to Avera Digital

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4K is one of this year’s most popular trends for TVs, followed by Ultra High Definition, OLED, High Dynamic Range and Curved TVs. These trends have one thing in common. Their technologies were made to bring a clearer picture to TV screens.  

Avera Digital Announces the Launch of New 4K UHD TV series

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Avera Digital has added a 4K UHD TV series to its product lineup, the Equinox series. Like the Aeria series that came before, the Equinox series combines a slim deign and high performance. It boasts a wider color spectrum, improved contrast and high picture clarity. Avera Digital has added features to make the series the ultimate UHD viewing experience.  

Current TV Trends

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Televisions look much different than they did a decade ago. Not only are they becoming thinner and lighter, picture quality is almost life-like and the Internet plays a big role in how TVs are used.   Here are some details on this year's TV trends.  


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Avera and entrepreneurs enthusiastically announce a partnership with China Electronics Corporation to introduce new products and innovative technology to the Americas.