Avera by CEC
Avera digital was founded by experienced experts and industry gurus in Orange County, California in the early 2000s. We have successfully launched portable TVs, portable DVD players, MP3 music players and touch screen hand held devices since the establishment. In 2015, Avera digital joined China Electronics Corporation (CEC), an international conglomerate in the information industry to begin offer LED TVs with the latest technology and expand its product line to more innovative, high performing home entertainment electronics.
China Electronics Corporation (CEC) is one of the largest IT enterprises in the world, and controls a hundred subsidiaries and listed holding companies, providing electronic information technology, products and services, which covers fields such as new display, information security, IC & components, defense electronics and information services. CEC ranks #362 on the 2017 Global Fortune 500 list.

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Avera Digital Launches New 2017 4K UHD TV Series
Avera’s new Equinox 4K UHD series delivers superior picture quality and cinema-like sound into your home.

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